Diesel Applications

Applied Power Engineering's key strengths are an ability to provide an end-to-end site specific solutions for customers seeking high quality generators that provide standby power. These can be used for a variety of purposes from emergency standby power to creating a new revenue stream for the business. We pride ourselves on delivering individuality to each and every project.

We offer a range of single and three-phase standby or emergency power diesel generators from 3kVA to 2300kVA. They are built to the highest safety standards and suitable for all prime power and standby power supply uses. That means you can run them long-term as your primary source of power, making them suitable for remote or temporary sites, or as a traditional standby power source. 

All of our diesel generators are supplied with weather-proofed, acoustic canopies to meet specific sound attenuation levels. Modular solutions are available, allowing us to build a system that exactly suits your requirements.

Removal of 1990’s Caterpillar 3500 series diesel, 11kV generator
Removal of 1990’s Caterpillar 3500 series diesel, 11kV generator

Standby or emergency power diesel generators

Design consultants and clients alike, whether it be for new or existing installations, have different criteria, which reflects their individuality and business critical needs.

Our team listen to the designers and clients, their existing and/or new requirements; we establish an understanding of your business, enabling us to work through the implementation process with minimal disruption to the day to day business.

As part of our collaborative approach, we establish a conceptual solution from the outset. This is then discussed and reviewed at all levels and throughout the project to ensure the outcome meets to initial concept.

Installation of new SDMO Mitsubishi based 11kV replacement unit
Installation of new SDMO Mitsubishi based 11kV replacement unit

Paralleling (synchronising) diesel generation

This is recommended where the speed of response of an asset is crucial or where resilience to business loads is a priority. Our synchronising systems, whether it is multiple generators or mains and generator paralleling, forms part of our core offering. We have highly experiences teams that can design, install and set up the sequencing of synchronised diesel power generation.

Ape diesel generator
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