Landfill (renewable)

Applied Power Engineering recently worked with waste to energy company, Viridor, to supply control systems for two Jenbacher 320 gas engines.

Viridor required an unrestricted and flexible system that enabled full monitoring as well as modification ability. We supplied control systems based on a proven design previously used on both landfill and CHP schemes - the Motortech All-In-One (AIO) Air Fuel Ratio control system, which is a ComAp hardware based solution.

This has been complemented with Motortech Engine Ignition system. Rails and knock detection, which were supplied using the MIC 850 ignition linked by communications to the Motortech AIO control system giving additional visibility.

The two Jenbacher 320 engines are installed on an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant. They recover high grade heat from the exhaust and low grade heat from the engine water jacket feeding into the AD process.

Standard Freeware remote operation and viewing facilities of the system are used alongside the site specific monitoring system to give   24/7 visibility of the engines by operators whether on or viewing off site

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