Nationwide STC, Swindon

Applied Power Engineering was commissioned to convert three existing HV (High Voltage) generators and mains control system, adding DUAL redundancy, STOR functionality and implementing some additional ‘What if Scenario's’ to the original system.

Following a successful outcome, and as part of Nationwide’s commitment to continuous improvement, we were then involved in adding to the existing system. This required three 1500kVA JCB diesel generators to increase the data centre’s Kw/m².

As a JCB power products dealer, APE supplied, packaged and installed the Mitsubishi engine powered generators. The three machines have been individually packaged into bespoke acoustic canopies to achieve 70dbA at 1 metre, incorporating all necessary ancillary equipment.

Working together with Imtech Smith, APE developed the control system to allow control of the three new generators, two new mains incomers and two Bus Tie breakers. In addition, there is a ‘Virtual Bus Tie’ arrangement - as well as synchronising the existing generators with the new installation as a single power plant, the design provides a two system solution. This forms two independent island power plants, which under ‘Virtual’ control, provides a synchronised output.

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