Renewable Technology

Our renewable energy solutions are idea for businesses looking to generate clean energy independently of the grid. They avoid the need for fuel to power your off-grid system, whilst maximising the amount of energy utilised from renewable energy sources including solar and wind.

APE’s extensive experience in the renewables and backup power generation sector means we can supply you with an end-to-end solution from initial design through to installation and commissioning. Our expertise in power generation and control solutions means we have readymade packages for wind, solar, hydro, waste to energy and bio fuel engine schemes.

We can implement the solutions by constructing and operating renewable energy projects of quality and value, from project design and development, through engineering, installation, commissioning to operational handover. We provide controls schemes which are designed and built using one of the best products in the power generation market to generate energy in the most economical way and with minimal environmental impact.

Renewable energy offers environmental and economic benefits, and our technical knowledge and experience is already playing a leading role.

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