Stoichiometric Solutions

InteliSys NT AFS provides comprehensive AFR control system for stoichiometric application for single or multiple gas gen-sets. System offers solution for single genset or up to 32 gensets in parallel. Powerful graphical display, with possibility of color display version with user friendly control allows even new users to find quickly the required information.


  • AFR solution ensures the right exhaust gas emissions with minimum of AFR readjusting, minimizing the operator interference with the system
  • Narrow Lambda sensor required with voltage range 0 - 1000mV
  • Excellent configurability enables the user to achieve the required behaviour for their application
  • One solution for both genset application and large CHP application
  • Wide range of communication possibilities enables you to monitor and supervise the system remotely from office, home
  • Built-in PLC with user friendly PLC Editor removes the necessity of external PLC usage
  • Gen-set performance log for regular overview (kW per month, etc) and easy problem checking

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